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Conditions Treated

This affects the lives of one in three women and one in five men. These are due to stretching of some of the veins that lie near the skin surface. Once stretched, they hold more blood and can become visible. The development of spider veins is associated with family history, injury, certain medications, pregnancy and occupations requiring long hours of standing or sitting. Spider veins may be an indication of other serious vein problems.

Varicose veins affect the lives of millions of people. They are seen as bulging rope-like blood vessels protruding from the skin surface. This can be an external sign of venous insufficiency. These develop usually in adulthood. It is caused by a variety of genetic, environmental and occupational factors. In women it starts often with pregnancies, and is aggravated by prolonged standing. The usual symptoms are pain, ache, tired and heavy legs especially towards the end of the day. It may lead to blood clots, skin discoloration, ulcers and other complications.

This is often seen in people with varicose veins who engage in occupations requiring prolonged periods of standing. This is relieved by elevation of the legs and using compression therapy. This condition is also seen in people with blood clots in the leg veins and is associated with pain. Prompt diagnosis is critical in the management of this problem.

With long standing untreated varicose veins, discoloration of the skin may occur. This is followed by thickening of the skin and itching. This is often associated with swelling.

When the blood is not returned to the heart from the legs due to dilated veins and valves that do not function properly, this results in chronic venous insufficiency. It can also happen with venous disorders such as deep vein thrombosis.

These develop as the disease progresses without treatment. These are difficult to heal unless the underlying venous disease is corrected.

This condition affects approximately 10 % of U.S.population. The diagnosis is made by clinical symptoms. Vein specialists realized that compression stockings often relieve their symptoms. Treating the vein disease may also result in improvement of the symptoms.

Two million people in the U.S. develop blood clots and 300,000 die each year. Conditions that lead to blood clots are slowing of the blood flow, injury to vein wall and changes in the composition of blood. The clots can travel to the lungs, or turn into scar tissue resulting in leg swelling, chronic leg pain, and skin ulceration. This latter condition is called post-thrombotic syndrome. It is critical that prompt diagnosis and treatment is instituted.

Procedures Used

A minimally invasive procedure done as an outpatient, using a tiny catheter powered by radiofrequency energy, delivering heat to the vein wall and closing the vein.

While most varicose veins become less prominent after an ablation procedure, remaining varicose veins can be removed through 2mm incisions, as an outpatient under local anesthesia.

Some incompetent veins can be treated with radiofrequency ablation in which case it may be necessary to make a small incision to tie off the diseased vein.

Generally the first line of treatment, compression stockings provide symptomatic relief, often essential before other treatments.

A non-invasive study that looks at all veins in the leg including deep veins, superficial veins, and the connecting veins between the two systems.

A procedure to treat spider veins in which a chemical solution is injected into the small veins, closing the veins.

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